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  • " I rank the Venture Toolkit program as the best program for getting startups to product market fit."

    Bob Dorf - Co-Author, The Startup Owners Manual

  • "The Venture Toolkit framework has had a profound impact on Citrix Innovators program startups all over the world. "

    John McIntyre - General Manager , Citrix Startup Accelerator

  • "The Venture Toolkit 3 month progam not only helped us understand how to launch new initiatives, but it has changed much of the dialog with our current customers as well."

    Ken Durand - VP of Innovation, Ericsson

About Us

We fill a critical need for incubator, accelerator and enterprise innovation programs by providing the “HOW” to running effective programs. We do this by using tools and techniques used by the most successful startups and enterprise companies in the world and designing custom programs based on your needs.

Who we are

Founded by Nick O’Connor we are a community of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Our mission

To transform the workplace and society by creating the right environment for the best and the brightest people to solve the most important problems.

What we do

We design and operate world class programs for early stage startups and internal innovation teams.

We love our clients

We are proud to have run programs for companies like Citrix, AT&T and Ericsson

Our numbers

9 Incubator / Accelerators Programs
3 Countries
42 # of Startups
31 # of Enterprise Innovation Teams

Starups in our Network

A selection of startups that graduated from our programs in Silicon Valley, Raleigh NC, Santa Barbara and Bangalore, India.

  • "Within 3 weeks I had changed course and had acquired new skills to help me better assess the viability of a new business."

    Tony Diepenbrock - CEO, Learn Immersive

  • "I learned how to go from an idea to business with a product and customers."

    Matt Saunders - Director of User Experience, Alfesco

  • "For me, the 3 month program was a life and career changing experience."

    Ian Firth - Senior Architect, Citrix

  • "The 3 month program gave us true startup experience even though we
    still work at a big company."

    Biswapratap - Senior Software Engineer, Silicon Valley Fortune 500 Company

  • "The 3 month program allowed us to learn and apply new skills that
    we would never get to learn on our own."

    Shahar - Director Product Management, Silicon Valley Fortune 500 Company

  • "The program taught me how to go from an idea to a real business."

    Rahul - Program Manager, Silicon Valley Fortune 500 Company

  • "Learnings were invaluable and resulted in course correction week-after-week."

    Pradeep V. Pydah - Founder & CEO, Maxerience

  • "I learned more in the past 3 months than I have in the past two years."

    Kelsey Conophy - Founder & CEO, Workzeit

  • "Nick really helped us learn from our early customers to guide both the product and marketing."

    Alice Brooks - Co-founder & CEO, Roominate Toy

  • "We were pushed to find paying customers before completing the product and we did!"

    Miro Salem - Founder & CEO, 3TEN8

  • "The program really helped figure out who our first customer should be and then how to get them."

    Michelle Harper - Founder & CEO, Savii Care


We use 3 custom-made applications for each program and its startups.


Custom design your startup application & selection process. Track tasks & communicate schedules internally & externally. Track startup team progress in real time.


Design and deliver interactive content and workshops for your startups. Capture and upload each teams learnings, continue interaction with mentors online


For startup teams to easily track prospects through discovery and validation funnels. Uncover insights and Interact with mentors and coaches in real time.


Manage the application and selection process.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Design: Design your application form.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Deploy: Link it to your Program Landing Page.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Applicant Ranking Workflow: Decision makers can asynchronously rank and comment on each applicant and communicate with other decision makers.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Startup Selection Workflow: Manage complete workflow from high potential applications through interview process and selection

  • Docket Screenshot

    Mentor Matching Workflow: Complete workflow to match the right mentors with the right team


Design and deliver interactive content and workshops for your startups.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Design: Design program content and timing

  • Docket Screenshot

    Deliver & Capture: Startups can complete assignments remotely

  • Docket Screenshot

    Frequent Feedback: Weekly progress tracking and investment readiness assessment for each startup

  • Docket Screenshot

    Progress Patterns: Program leaders and each startup can track progress over time


For Startup Teams to track progress through discovery & validation funnels.

  • Docket Screenshot

    Idea Template: Easy to complete template to capture starting idea

  • Docket Screenshot

    Idea Capture: Starting idea captured and shared with team members and trusted mentors

  • Docket Screenshot

    Validation Funnel: Enter leads, manage funnel from qualified lead, trials to paying customers

  • Docket Screenshot

    Persona: For each lead, capture persona, behavior and all interactions

  • Docket Screenshot

    Reports & Patterns: Reports to help each startup team see patterns and insights from all their customer interactions

Our Services

We design and operate world class programs for incubators, accelerators & enterprises all over the works.

Idea Bootcamp

A bootcamp to identify winning ideas & teams to enter into a custom accelerator program (for up to 30 teams).

Incubator / Accelerator

Custom design and operations of programs for 20% time and full time teams, to find the best ideas and teams to seed fund.

Team Coaching

We coach funded teams to achieve product-market fit, Business Viability and Growth by continuously guiding / mentoring them & help avoid rookie startup mistakes.

Venture Toolkit

A complete toolset for teams, mentors and investors. The Venture Toolkit is a custom-built app for SaaS-based startups.

Program Team

Nick leads the Services Team.

Nick O'Connor

Founder & CEO

Rahul is a strategic product management consultant and lean startup mentor and coach.

Rahul A.

Training Partner

Liz is a Co-Instructor at Citrix-Red Hat Startup Accelerator.

Liz Tracy

Training Partner

Pinkesh is working to build Asia's first Business School on Product Leadership.

Pinkesh Shah

Training Partner

Kyle is Co-founder at the Impact HUB, Santa Barbara.

Kyle Ashby

Training Partner

Tools Team

Nick is a co-founder of Venture Toolkit

Nick O'Connor


Jacob is a co-founder of Venture Toolkit

Jacob Seethaler


David is a co-founder of Venture Toolkit.

David Ogden

Product & Engineering

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Palo Alto, CA
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